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Welcome Wagon will get your name and address and sell the information off to anyone and everyone. If you are someone who values your privacy, this company is your enemy.

We moved last spring. We set up a PO box for any forwarded mail, and cancelled numerous magazines, catalogues, and other correspondence four months before the move, as most companies claim it takes 90 days to get your name completely removed. Also, we had our new address removed from Direct Marketing's lists five months before the move. Only personal connections and some of the people from whom we receive bills have our street address, and we have our privacy preferences set appropriately with them.

Enter Welcome Wagon. They acquire your name from recent home sale lists and sell it to everyone and their dog. Sometimes mailings from WW with ads for all the local businesses, sometimes just from those businesses directly. Dentists, acccountants, gyms, financial consultants, and the list goes on.

Also, if you call WW, there is never anyone--operator or otherwise--to answer the phone. No seeming way to get your information removed.

It also seems quite likey that they are selling their lists off to other companies. The madness continues.

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Hi there, after searching I found this phone number: 1-888-783-7116. I just called and actually spoke to someone, and requested to be removed from all their mailing lists.

The representative said that she was able to get me off the lists.

Hopefully it really worked! Good luck to others.

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